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Transcription and Subtitling

Image by Fabian Irsara

Make sure everyone can access your content

I can produce a transcription of your audio or video content, and subtitles for video as well. Transcription and subtitling is available for English or Hebrew, and can be done for podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, interviews and more.

  • Increase the accessibility of your content

  • Allow your audience to interact with your content in different settings

  • Increase the clarity of your message

Audio editing

Audio feed

Great sound inspires

I can edit audio files to delete false starts, pauses and other mistakes. I can also apply tools to help minimize any background sounds in the recording, all while maintaining a clear and natural sound. From my years as a linguist who specializes in sounds, I have ample experience in sound editing, and a deep understanding of the sound of the human voice. 

*Please note that I only offer audio editing for the spoken word. No singing or music.

Podcast post-production

Image by Jonathan Farber

Increase audience engagement

Did you know it can take up to three hours to edit just one hour of audio? And that's if you're really good at it (like me!) I'm sure you have better things to do. I can help you focus on creating engaging content by taking care of everything that needs to happen after you've recorded your podcast episode. Dazzle your audience with these professional features: 

  • Full audio editing, including basic noise reduction 

  • Timestamped episode notes

  • Timestamped transcription

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Every project is unique, and I work together with you to come up with a fair quote for the services that you need. Fill in the form today to get started!

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