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Selected Projects

...and how I've helped my clients


deVignier Design

About Me page

Landing pages: Paint Tips, Renovation Workbook

Sales Page

Email funnel (one, two)

I created copy for a well established interior designer looking to introduce digital services to her offerings. This project involved balancing the client's sophisticated voice with language that would attract the target audience - homeowners in search of digital solutions for their home renovation projects.


Brand Disruptors Course

Course sales page, course content support

I helped an image consultant in the organizing and writing of her Brand Disruptor's course. This project included distilling information not familiar to me in an easy to understand way, while remaining sensitive to the client's unique voice. I also wrote the sales page for her high-ticket course.


MA Coaching

Lead Magnet landing page, Coaching course sales page

I wrote the landing page for a free lead magnet, and the sales page for a 3 month coaching course. This project was an opportunity for me to get into the mindset of the client; an intuitive coach, and embrace her voice so that she could connect with her clients.

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